Kingman Youth Soccer League

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    Kingman Soccer Club
    Posted May 30, 2018

    Welcome to the Kingman Soccer Club!

    The Kingman Soccer Club would like to welcome you to Kingman AZ.

    Thanks for visiting our website. Here you can get up to the minute information on the Kingman Soccer Club, located in Kingman, AZ. Please look around we have a number of useful tools on the site including current season game schedules, registration information and other general information about the club.

    The Kingman Soccer club offers a number of opportunites for youth ages under 6 to under 18 to engage in recreational and competitive soccer. It is our desire to develop kids who not only possess good skills as soccer players, but strong character through sportmanship and community spirit. Soccer seasons typically run in the Fall, winter & spring (November – March)

    The Kingman Soccer club exists mainly…

    1. To foster, develop, and promote the game of soccer in Kingman and surrounding area.

    2. To assist in the development of and to encourage sportsmanship and community spirit among all participating members. To enhance the physical, mental, and social well-being of said members.

    3. To promote, organize, and support soccer team competition within the Kingman area at both the recreational and competitive levels for The Club.

    4. To sponsor and promote such athletic, social, and other activities as may contribute to the finances of The Club.

    5. To provide codes of behavior, coaching guidelines, playing regulations, for participants, coaches, and volunteers.